Entrance Exam pt 2

5th Adventure


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Marchello accidentally drinks a potion of drunkenness and passes out under the wagon.  They hear warhorns coming closer.  Kolathe sees 2 orc warbands coming in from the west and south, with around 5 orcs per band.  They move the wagon to make a barricade and hopefully funnel the enemies into easier positions and give us some cover.  Kolathe moves up to the ridge overlooking the area.  Voli tethers Peachblossom to the wagon and moves up to the edge of the camp.  Kolathe prepares his swords, and Cael and Lia are ready with their bows.  5 orcs appear to the west.  The group tries to hide, but only Kolathe does a good job.

An orc charges Voli and hits her with an axe, and Voli responds in kind with her sword.  Lia uses a cantrip on the orc, but misses.  Another orc attacks Voli and hits.  Lia is attacked and hit.  The next orc attacks Voli, but misses.  Suddenly, Lia turns into a bear!  She slashes at the nearest orc with her claws.  She hits him so hard that he’s knocked down.  Kolathe slides down the ridge and slashes at the orc, landing a critical hit, killing it.  Cael fires an arrow at one of the orcs and skewers it.  

They see the second warband approaching from the south.  One of the remaining first band orcs attacks Voli and hits.  Cael shoots the orc in front of Voli (CRIT MAX DAMAGE + MAX SNEAK DAMAGE OMG), and it dies gloriously.  An orc attacks Lia and misses, as Kolathe slashes at another, finishing it.  One of the southron orcs charges Voli, and second dashes into the camp.  Voli quickly quaffs a healing potion. Lia the bear attacks the prone orc and eviscerates it.

A distant orc moves up, firing its crossbow at Kolathe, but it glances off his armor.  His friend also moves up and shoots Lia Bearskin.  Cael tries to fire back but misses.  Voli slashes at one of the orcs near her, using the invocation thunderous smite.  When it hits, a clap of thunder rings through the hills, and the orc is momentarily stunned.  Kolathe stabs him to finish him off, and moves up to the next and stabs it with his other sword.  Lia Bearskin moves up around the busted wagon and bites an orc savagely, but it’s still alive and makes a weak slash with its axe.  An orc runs up and slams into Voli with a savage slice, almost taking her down.

Cael shoots an orc and it drops, while another orc swings at Kolathe and misses.  Lia Bearskin attacks with tooth and claw, ripping out her enemy’s throat.  Voli lays hands on herself and heals.  Kolathe finishes off another orc.  Voli takes another hit and drops.  Lia changes back into an elf and casts a healing spell on Voli.  Voli tries to slice an orc’s ankles while still on the ground, but misses.  Lia, now an elf, is targeted by the orc and he hits her with his axe.  Cael fires a magic arrow at him and spears him through the ears.  Another orc moves between the wagons.  Kolathe is slashed by one of the 3 orcs on him.

Another war party approaches from the east.  Kolathe manages to dodge an attack while drinking a healing potion.  He uses his second wind to heal more, while he weaves through the orc attacks.  Voli quickly knocks back another healing potion while still on the ground.  An armored orc, a full head taller than all the rest, approaches with the latest warband.  He shouts insults at his subordinates as he walks leisurely toward the fighting.  Cael fires another magic arrow and takes out the other orc attacking Lia, and she takes bear form again.  She rushes forward and mauls one of the orcs on Kolath, crunching its skull in her massive jaws.  An orc takes the opportunity to rush the bear from behind.  The remaining orc attacking Kolathe hits him with a savage critical hit, but he manages to keep his feet.  

Kolathe shakes off the hit and attacks the orc, both swords flashing.  He completely misses with one sword and manages to throw the other sword down the hill.  (2 critical failures)  The orc is laughing so hard that his own attack misses.  Cael feathers the orc attacking Lia Bearskin from behind, but it stays up, even when Voli slashes it with her sword.  The orc attacking Kolathe turn around and hacks at the bear with his axe, and the orc behind Lia Bearskin tries to do the same but misses.  The boss orc is still walking up, in no hurry.  He yells at the others that they are weak.  Lia bearskin lashes out at both orcs attacking her, slicing one open with her claws, but missing on the bite to the other.  

Kolathe continues to fend of an orc despite only having one sword, and Voli and Lia Bearskin attack it.  Voli slices it with her sword, and Lia Bearskin stomps on it, crushing in its ribs.  The boss orc charges in and slashes the bear with a wicked-looking axe.  Cael fires a magic arrow but misses.

Lia changes into an elf again and attacks the Orog with poison spray.  The orog brushes it off, and doesn’t flinch when Cael’s magic arrow buries itself in his shoulder.  Seeing this, Cael hides in the grass on the ridge.  Voli quickly down another healing potion and moves away from the massive orc.  The orog takes a swipe and Lia and misses.  Perhaps some of the poison spray had gotten in its eyes.  The last standing normal orc swings at Kolathe and misses.  Kolathe growls and breathes fire at the normal orc, setting it on fire.  

Voli calls on Pelor and imbues her sword with divine smite, slashing the oroc with massive force.  He is still unphased, but is now pissed.  Cael attacks from his hiding place, landing another magic arrow in the orog, and hides again.  Kolathe attacks the last normal orc with his single sword and slashes open its throat.  The boss orog is the last remaining enemy on the field.  Kolathe runs down the hill to grab his other sword.  Lia disengages from the orog and flees.  He swings his axe at Voli, but misses.

Cael fires another magic arrow into the orog, and hides again.  Lia turns back around and launches a fireball at the orog, but misses.  Kolath runs up to stab him, but his swords glance off the armor.  The boss makes a massive swing at both Kolathe and Voli.  Kolathe is knocked aside and stays down, but Voli jumps out of the way.  Voli stabs at the orog for the finishing blow.  As it drops she lets out a triumphant roar!  More warhorns sound in the distance, but they are farther off, and getting farther.

Lia stabilizes Kolathe, and the team gathers up all the goods into the wagon and hooks up a draft horse that was wandering nearby.  While going through all the goods, Cael finds an intricate and very expensive-looking crossbow.  There are boxes of spices and other bulk goods, along with 2 locked strongboxes.  Cael takes an orc warhorn as a trophy.  On the way back, Cael secretly unlocks the strongboxes.  In the first one are shinies.  Lots of shinies.  He relocks the box, drooling.  The second one has bars of silver and velvet bags. He takes one of the bags.  

The group manages to get to Coral Harbor safely.  When they get there they find Banner still at the bar in the Inn.  kolathe brings Cael, who has the crossbow, and and trades it to Banner Goldenballs for a good short sword, that Kolathe takes.  Kolathe tells him about the orcs attacking caravans, and Banner grins, saying that he’ll have fun taking care of it.

They take the goods they found and make their way back to the Academy.  Cael’s nice clothes have made their way back.  They are very nice.

Macculate meets them at the Academy.  They offload the wagon and reported the orc raiders.  Overall the Academy is very pleased with what what they accomplished.  Not only did they find out what happened, but they offered their protection to a caravan and took care of the problem as they found it.  In reward, they receive a cloak of protection (Voli takes it), a pearl of power (perfect for Leah), and boots of elvenkind (which Cael put on immediately).  Lord Bloodstone in particular is very pleased with how they handled the situation.  The team is now ready for the ‘Equipage’.  They will enter a particular dungeon, chosen by the academy, and anything the team finds is completely theirs without having to pay the tax to the academy.  After that, they will be ready for Academy work.  




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