The Equipage Pt. 1
The Stone Tooth


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The team is ready for the equipage! The Academy sages have found a dungeon of promise.  Maculate goes to the group and tells them about “The Stone Tooth”, an ancient dwarven spire north of Ashenbow.  It seems that it has been resettled by orcs, and could be the base that the bandit orcs were raiding from.  The fortress has had good loot in the past, and the team can take whatever we want as we clear it of orcs.  They gather their things, including 10 healing potions per head from the Academy, 2 potions of superior healing from the bank, and make the crossing to Coral Harbor.  They hook up with a caravan for ride to Ashenbow, and stay at the Inn of Many Things once there.  They plan to head out the next day or two.  

Ashenbow is a town of elvish origin which has become a multicultural trading center.  Within its artistically constructed walls people from many origins congregate in vast markets, creating a melting pot of ideas, goods, and cultures.  Cael takes the rest of the day to seek out someone who would trade the bag of jewels he filched for magical or rare items.  He goes back to the shop owned by the dwarf Tolm, and buys parchment, ink, and pens to make maps of the spire.  He talks with Tolm about the dangers of the tower, but only receives general information.  He asks Tolm if he has any “goods in the back (wink wink)” and shows him his small bag of jewels.  Tolm tells him to come back later that night, which Cael does.  He has a scroll and an immovable rod.  Cael looks over both of the goods, and trades 6 spinel for the rod.  

The next day the team heads out.  After a few days of going through the woods they see the stone spire shooting up out of the forest.  They notice a smaller, secondary spire a little southwest of the main tower, with a small stream of smoke trailing into the sky.  As the team breaks camp the next day they still see the smoke.  When they get closer to the tower they see a steep switchback trail going towards the Stone Tooth.  Some of the group would rather approach the tower from the front, thinking that the forest could provide cover and the orc force was likely not too large.  Others wanted to investigate the smaller tower and the smoke, thinking there could be a secondary camp outside the tower or another entrance.  The team decides to check out the smoke, making their way through the forest to find a natural chimney in the side of a hill.  The smoke smells like a  cooking fire that the meat’s been on too long.  Kolathe looks for vehicle tracks, and Lia turns into a wolf and scouts out the front of the main tower.  Kolathe cannot find evidence of carts, but Lia finds fresh tracks from 4 heavy booted individuals.  

Camp is made for the night away from both the spire and chimney.  The next day, Kolathe is insistent on further investigating the chimney, and attacking whatever made the cookfire, figuring it’s orcs.  He ties off a rope to the outside of a chimney, as the rest of the team debates whether this chimney even leads into the spire proper, and that just crawling into a smoking hole in the ground is probably pretty dumb.  They turn to ask Kolathe’s opinion just in time to see him jump into the chimney.  Kolathe rappels down the inside of the chimney, the heat and smoke getting worse the further down he goes, until he runs out of rope.    He climbs back up and demands more rope, which Cael provides him.  He fixes the rope ends together and finishes the climb.  He hops down onto the embers of a dying cookfire.  He has emerged into a crude kitchen, with rough walls, and an entryway to the northeast.

He climbs back up again urges the rest to come down, which they do reluctantly.  Cael scouts the immediate vicinity and Lia is in charge of mapmaking.  Cael finds a large room ahead, with a small natural cavern barred and turned into a prison housing 3 disheveled humanoids.  They beg to be released, fearing the orcs will eat them.  Voli immediately gets to work hacking the wooden-barred door with her handaxe.  Cael gets impatient and just picks the lock.  The humans are eager to escape, but they do tell our heros about the orcs that are inhabiting the tower, and a huge one called “Ulphi”.  They are shown the rope leading up the chimney, and they eagerly climb up.  Unfortunately, one slips and breaks his neck as he falls back down.  

They explore a tunnel off the big room, with Cael continuing to scout ahead, and find a big room filled with debris from the caravans they’ve raided.  The southeast corner is a shallow well filled with murky water.  Continuing on, there is a hallway of dressed and polished stone with big double doors to the right.  Cael picks the lock and hears guttural noises beyond.  Kolathe and Voli move up, with Cael and Lia behind, and together they throw open the doors.  In the bunk and storage room, 4 orcs turn and roar a challenge to the intruders, and Kolathe roars right back.

Lia throws a fireball over Kolathe’s shoulder and singes one of the orcs.  A second orc charges up, swinging at Voli and missing.  Cael shoots at that orc from behind Voli, and it sticks.  Voli swings her sword at the orc, barely hitting but managing to take it down.  The third orc steps up to take its place, and like the one before it swings at Voli and misses.  Kolathe snarls, breathing fire at both the first and fourth orc.  The first dies screaming, and the fourth is lit afire but still manages to charge Kolathe, smacking him with his axe. Cael, still behind Voli and Kolathe, fires at the third orc and hits.  Both of Kolathe’s swords slice deep into the fourth orc, bringing it down, and Voli finishes off the third.  

All the orcs are defeated.  Cael sneaks back down the hallway to scout it out, finding more debris.  Voli and Kolathe search the room for valuables.  Lia updates the map.  Cael sees some stairs further down the corridor and to the left, going up.  Kolathe finds an iron kettle full of gold and Voli finds a pouch with two topaz and a piece of onyx.  

The team moves up carefully to meet with Cael, who sneaks ahead again.  At the top of the stairs is a very large single door.  Around the corner to the right (beyond the stairway to the left) are more double doors.  The team discusses quietly and decides to clear out this level before moving up to the next.  Peeking around the corner to the right they find the corridor ends abruptly at a large statue of a dwarf holding an axe in one hand and a hammer in the other.  Cael eyes the statue but can’t find anything obviously wrong with it.  He moves quietly to the double doors, when he feels a faint ‘click’ under his boot.  The statue’s mouth opens and foul green gas gushes out, engulfing him.  He feels very, very sick and staggers back to the team.  Voli immediately lays hands upon him to heal him of the poison.  

He goes back and marks that particular tile with chalk, steps around it, and listens at the doors.  He doesn’t hear anything, so Lia turns into a direwolf and listens for anything beyond the doors.  She hears multiple orc-y voices inside and taps her paw 5 times to let the others know how many she thinks she hears.  She also smells other wolves up the stairs behind them.  Cael carefully oils the door hinges to make them quieter.  Behind him he hears a faint ‘click’ as the gas traps resets itself.  He tries to disarm it but ends up setting it off again.  He manages to move out of the way as the gas cloud belches forth, and after the gas dissipates but before the trap can reset he wedges it down with a shim from his burglar's kit.  He slowly opens the oiled doors.  The voices drown out the quiet squeak of the hinges.  It’s a bunk room, with bunks, chairs, filthy pelts on the walls and floors, and debris filling the corners.  Cael sees 5 orcs sitting on the bunks, talking and laughing.  One is much larger than the others.   Cael motions to the rest of the group to get ready, and positions his immovable rod horizontally at orc-shin height.  He whispers the magic word and it stays.  He notches a magic arrow and aims it at the fourth orc from the right.  He fires, and turns to run before seeing that it hit.

He runs behind the rest of the team, turns with another arrow notched and fires a tricky shot through the door, and misses, hitting a bedpost.  Kolathe fires a similar shot with his crossbow and also misses.  Voli waits for the orcs to charge out.  The first orc runs out the door and trips over the rod, as does the 5th.  The third manages to jump over the rod, run around the corner, and attacks Voli wildly with his axe.  He misses, and Voli counters with a successful slice from her sword.  The second orc also jumps over the rod.  Lia Direwolfskin leaps over her companions onto the pile of tripped orcs, scratching and biting, but the armor gets in her way.  The fourth orc runs to the doorway and sinks a javelin into Lia’s back.

Cael moves up next to Voli and stabs the third orc through the throat with his rapier.  He quickly disengages and moves back again.  Voli moves up and and hits the second orc.  The first orc (the orug), manages to move out from under Lia, stands, and swings wildly at the direwolf.  He misses, and impales the fifth orc who was still prone.  The fifth orc manages to stand up and tries to attack Lia, but misses due to blood loss.   Lia growls and snaps at the orug, but her teeth slide off his armor.  One of Kolathe’s swords sinks into the second orc, who take another swing at Voli but misses.

Cael steps up and stabs at the second orc, but fumbles and stabs Voli in the back.  He quickly reaches for a healing potion and pours it over the wound before she can really process what just happened.  The orug continues to attack Lia, dealing massive damage.  Her direwolf form cannot handle the damage and she reverts back to an elf.  The fourth orc throws a javelin at the direwolf, but misses as she shrank to an elf.  The fifth is befuddled as the direwolf becomes an elf.  The second swings at Cael and misses.  Kolathe finishes him with both swords.  Voli moves up next to Lia and attacks the orug, but misses.  Lia casts ‘hold person’ on the orug.

Voli uses searing smite and hit the orug, lighting him on fire.  Kolathe adds his swords to Voli’s, and cuts deep into the orug.  The orug, with a massive bearing of will, breaks free of the hold person and puts out the fire.  Cael shifts left and fires an arrow into the orug’s shoulder.  It screams for guards.  Lia throws a fireball at it’s face, and it burns to death. The fourth orc grabs its greataxe, stepping over the immovable rod.  He swings at Kolathe and misses.  The door at the top of the stairs opens, releasing direwolves and an ogre.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Entrance Exam pt 2
5th Adventure


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Marchello accidentally drinks a potion of drunkenness and passes out under the wagon.  They hear warhorns coming closer.  Kolathe sees 2 orc warbands coming in from the west and south, with around 5 orcs per band.  They move the wagon to make a barricade and hopefully funnel the enemies into easier positions and give us some cover.  Kolathe moves up to the ridge overlooking the area.  Voli tethers Peachblossom to the wagon and moves up to the edge of the camp.  Kolathe prepares his swords, and Cael and Lia are ready with their bows.  5 orcs appear to the west.  The group tries to hide, but only Kolathe does a good job.

An orc charges Voli and hits her with an axe, and Voli responds in kind with her sword.  Lia uses a cantrip on the orc, but misses.  Another orc attacks Voli and hits.  Lia is attacked and hit.  The next orc attacks Voli, but misses.  Suddenly, Lia turns into a bear!  She slashes at the nearest orc with her claws.  She hits him so hard that he’s knocked down.  Kolathe slides down the ridge and slashes at the orc, landing a critical hit, killing it.  Cael fires an arrow at one of the orcs and skewers it.  

They see the second warband approaching from the south.  One of the remaining first band orcs attacks Voli and hits.  Cael shoots the orc in front of Voli (CRIT MAX DAMAGE + MAX SNEAK DAMAGE OMG), and it dies gloriously.  An orc attacks Lia and misses, as Kolathe slashes at another, finishing it.  One of the southron orcs charges Voli, and second dashes into the camp.  Voli quickly quaffs a healing potion. Lia the bear attacks the prone orc and eviscerates it.

A distant orc moves up, firing its crossbow at Kolathe, but it glances off his armor.  His friend also moves up and shoots Lia Bearskin.  Cael tries to fire back but misses.  Voli slashes at one of the orcs near her, using the invocation thunderous smite.  When it hits, a clap of thunder rings through the hills, and the orc is momentarily stunned.  Kolathe stabs him to finish him off, and moves up to the next and stabs it with his other sword.  Lia Bearskin moves up around the busted wagon and bites an orc savagely, but it’s still alive and makes a weak slash with its axe.  An orc runs up and slams into Voli with a savage slice, almost taking her down.

Cael shoots an orc and it drops, while another orc swings at Kolathe and misses.  Lia Bearskin attacks with tooth and claw, ripping out her enemy’s throat.  Voli lays hands on herself and heals.  Kolathe finishes off another orc.  Voli takes another hit and drops.  Lia changes back into an elf and casts a healing spell on Voli.  Voli tries to slice an orc’s ankles while still on the ground, but misses.  Lia, now an elf, is targeted by the orc and he hits her with his axe.  Cael fires a magic arrow at him and spears him through the ears.  Another orc moves between the wagons.  Kolathe is slashed by one of the 3 orcs on him.

Another war party approaches from the east.  Kolathe manages to dodge an attack while drinking a healing potion.  He uses his second wind to heal more, while he weaves through the orc attacks.  Voli quickly knocks back another healing potion while still on the ground.  An armored orc, a full head taller than all the rest, approaches with the latest warband.  He shouts insults at his subordinates as he walks leisurely toward the fighting.  Cael fires another magic arrow and takes out the other orc attacking Lia, and she takes bear form again.  She rushes forward and mauls one of the orcs on Kolath, crunching its skull in her massive jaws.  An orc takes the opportunity to rush the bear from behind.  The remaining orc attacking Kolathe hits him with a savage critical hit, but he manages to keep his feet.  

Kolathe shakes off the hit and attacks the orc, both swords flashing.  He completely misses with one sword and manages to throw the other sword down the hill.  (2 critical failures)  The orc is laughing so hard that his own attack misses.  Cael feathers the orc attacking Lia Bearskin from behind, but it stays up, even when Voli slashes it with her sword.  The orc attacking Kolathe turn around and hacks at the bear with his axe, and the orc behind Lia Bearskin tries to do the same but misses.  The boss orc is still walking up, in no hurry.  He yells at the others that they are weak.  Lia bearskin lashes out at both orcs attacking her, slicing one open with her claws, but missing on the bite to the other.  

Kolathe continues to fend of an orc despite only having one sword, and Voli and Lia Bearskin attack it.  Voli slices it with her sword, and Lia Bearskin stomps on it, crushing in its ribs.  The boss orc charges in and slashes the bear with a wicked-looking axe.  Cael fires a magic arrow but misses.

Lia changes into an elf again and attacks the Orog with poison spray.  The orog brushes it off, and doesn’t flinch when Cael’s magic arrow buries itself in his shoulder.  Seeing this, Cael hides in the grass on the ridge.  Voli quickly down another healing potion and moves away from the massive orc.  The orog takes a swipe and Lia and misses.  Perhaps some of the poison spray had gotten in its eyes.  The last standing normal orc swings at Kolathe and misses.  Kolathe growls and breathes fire at the normal orc, setting it on fire.  

Voli calls on Pelor and imbues her sword with divine smite, slashing the oroc with massive force.  He is still unphased, but is now pissed.  Cael attacks from his hiding place, landing another magic arrow in the orog, and hides again.  Kolathe attacks the last normal orc with his single sword and slashes open its throat.  The boss orog is the last remaining enemy on the field.  Kolathe runs down the hill to grab his other sword.  Lia disengages from the orog and flees.  He swings his axe at Voli, but misses.

Cael fires another magic arrow into the orog, and hides again.  Lia turns back around and launches a fireball at the orog, but misses.  Kolath runs up to stab him, but his swords glance off the armor.  The boss makes a massive swing at both Kolathe and Voli.  Kolathe is knocked aside and stays down, but Voli jumps out of the way.  Voli stabs at the orog for the finishing blow.  As it drops she lets out a triumphant roar!  More warhorns sound in the distance, but they are farther off, and getting farther.

Lia stabilizes Kolathe, and the team gathers up all the goods into the wagon and hooks up a draft horse that was wandering nearby.  While going through all the goods, Cael finds an intricate and very expensive-looking crossbow.  There are boxes of spices and other bulk goods, along with 2 locked strongboxes.  Cael takes an orc warhorn as a trophy.  On the way back, Cael secretly unlocks the strongboxes.  In the first one are shinies.  Lots of shinies.  He relocks the box, drooling.  The second one has bars of silver and velvet bags. He takes one of the bags.  

The group manages to get to Coral Harbor safely.  When they get there they find Banner still at the bar in the Inn.  kolathe brings Cael, who has the crossbow, and and trades it to Banner Goldenballs for a good short sword, that Kolathe takes.  Kolathe tells him about the orcs attacking caravans, and Banner grins, saying that he’ll have fun taking care of it.

They take the goods they found and make their way back to the Academy.  Cael’s nice clothes have made their way back.  They are very nice.

Macculate meets them at the Academy.  They offload the wagon and reported the orc raiders.  Overall the Academy is very pleased with what what they accomplished.  Not only did they find out what happened, but they offered their protection to a caravan and took care of the problem as they found it.  In reward, they receive a cloak of protection (Voli takes it), a pearl of power (perfect for Leah), and boots of elvenkind (which Cael put on immediately).  Lord Bloodstone in particular is very pleased with how they handled the situation.  The team is now ready for the ‘Equipage’.  They will enter a particular dungeon, chosen by the academy, and anything the team finds is completely theirs without having to pay the tax to the academy.  After that, they will be ready for Academy work.  



Entrance Exam pt 1
4th Adventure

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With all of the party members recovered from their illnesses, they must set off to take the Academy’s entrance exam.  They have been set with the task of finding a caravan that went missing between the elven town of Ashenbow and Coral Harbor.  During the week preparing they buy weapons, ammunition, and take advantage of The Bank of Holding to keep anything they don’t need with them.  

When they get off the boat at Coral Harbor, they quickly find rooms in The Inn of Many Things, courtesy of the Academy.  The team agrees that the first order of business is to find out what route the caravan would have taken to and from Ashenbow.  The barkeep says that the dwarf in room 4, who has connections with the Academy, might know, but it’s best not to bother him until after noon.  Cael goes to see if he can find the local undercity rogues to get info on the caravan.

Voli and Marchello go to a dry goods store, The Oaken Barrel, and inquire if they’ve had any problems with their shipments.  The halfling proprietor is reluctant to discuss it, but Marchello convinces him, with a few silver coins, that they just want to help.  The halfling tells them that he’s lost 2 caravans over the last 6 months, and others have lost more.  When they go looking they find wreckages and signs of battle.  The caravans that are attacked don’t seem to have anything in common, and there isn’t a history of bandits in the area.  The caravans are attacked 3-5 days inland.

Kolathe is still at the bar in the inn, trying to talk to people to gather information.  A very hungover dwarf tromps downstairs and orders the greasiest food they have, with an ale in a tankard the size of his head.  Kolathe strikes up a conversation.  The dwarf is the famed adventurer Banner Goldenballs, and he has been waiting at the inn for a magic crossbow to arrive on a caravan.  Kolathe questions him about said crossbow, and Banner offers a reward if the crossbow is found and returned to him.

The group gets back together and exchanges what information they’ve found.  They decide to ride along with a caravan going out to Ashenbow, figuring that the caravans take basically the same route.  Marchello convinces a caravan driver to take the team along, touting their fighters as free protection through the most dangerous part of the route.  Cael stops by a clothing store and has his measurements taken for a set of fine clothes, which will be shipped to the academy once completed.  Kolathe buys some additional weapons.  The next morning, the team hooks up with the caravan.  Voli is riding Peachblossom.  There are 3 wagons, with 1 crossbowman and 3 light riders per wagon.

On the first day, they pass through scenic, peaceful countryside.  There are rolling hills and grassy plains.  That night, Marchello regails the caravan with a song about how he seduced an earl’s daughter and made off with all his gold.  It was a decent performance.

The second day was more of the first, with nothing of note occurring.  Marchello again performed around the campfire for the amusement of the caravan.  This time was a song about how he met the beautiful daughter of a minor lord, and she became smitten with him, showering him with riches until her jealous father drove him away, to her great sorrow.  Again, it was a pretty good show.

In the middle of the 3rd day Cael notices some debris off the side of the road.  They go to investigate and find the remains of a caravan, with decomposing animals.  Whatever had attacked the caravan had gone away from the road toward the southeast.  Based on the age of the debris, they figure that this probably wasn’t the caravan they are looking for.  No goods are found in the remains.  Ine one of the carcases is a crudely made crossbow bolt, sunk to the fletching.  It looks like any other bolts were collected after the battle.  They can’t tell if any of the remains were people, and since the trail is so old they decide that following it isn’t worth it.  The group decides to have one of their own help keep watch at night.  Marchello plays to lift their spirits, but they don’t light a fire that night.

The fourth day passes uneventfully.

On the fifth day more debris is spotted on the other side of the road.  The tracks lead off to the northwest.  Kolathe notices that these wagon remains are more recent and not as picked clean as the last one.  The goods are gone, and humanoid bodies are found hidden under the horse carcases.  It looks like the attackers had used 2 of the wagons to make off with the other goods.  The group decides to follow these tracks and say their farewells to the caravan.  They follow the trail for 2 hours, but lose it.

Kolathe climbs a lone tree to get a look around.  He sees a couple of wagons about 50 yards away.  Cael sneaks into the camp and finds the remains of a campfire, and a ransacked wagon.  Lia sneaks up as well, and Marchello follows after.  Lia sees movement up ahead.  Kolathe also decides to sneak up, leaving a fuming (and mounted) Voli all alone.  Cael thinks he sees something shiny in a rubbish pile and goes to investigate.  Suddenly a war horn blasts sound from nearby!

Orcs appear from behind wagons and over ridges.  Lia hides behind a tree.  Hearing the warhorn, Voli rides up on Peachblossom.  Marchello pops up and insults one of the orcs.  Kolathe attacks one with his two swords and kills it quickly.  Cael throws a flask of acid at another orc, misses, and runs away.

Lia gets into a ranged battle with a crossbow wielding orc.  Cael hits one with an arrow.  An orc moves up to Lia to attack her with its axe.  Marchello sings out an inspiring verse, strengthening Voli as she hits it with her handaxe.  Kolathe pulls out his light crossbow and fires at another orc, but misses.  Crossbow orc misses Lia.  Marchello throws out vicious insults at the orcs throughout the battle.  Crossbow orc fires at Marchello, but misses.  Mace orc charges at Kolath and misses.

Voli and Peachblossom charge the armored orc attacking Lia, slicing him dead and galloping past.  Lia throws a fireball at crossbow orc, burning it.  Cael fires an arrow at the same orc, and finishes it off.  Kolath pulls up his swords again and attacks the last orc standing, the mace orc.  His swords flash with dizzying speed, badly wounding the orc, but it’s still on its feet.  Marchello runs up to the orc and stabs it in the back, finishing it off.

As the orc collapses, more warhorns are blown from all around.  The fight is far from over.

The Search for the Missing Rat Catcher
3rd Adventure


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The majority of the team has been suddenly afflicted with terrible nausea and vomiting, which began soon after Marchello started making moves on the Baron’s daughter.  Kolath and Lia, who were attempting to curb his unsavory behavior, seemed to get caught in the crossfire.  This left Voli and Cael as the only adventurers able to complete the task the Baron set before them: Find the missing ratcatcher!

 They make their way to the sewer entrance, which is a heavily fortified, barred trapdoor.  The guards unlock it, saying that they will seal it again if we don’t return within a day.  They see scratches and gnaw-marks in the metal and stone, which is much more damage than a normal rat could ever cause.  They make their way down the ladder into the sewer.

The tunnel has walkways on either side of a channel filled with scummer.  Both of the adventurers have darkvision, so are unhindered in the dimness.  They carefully make their way forward and peek around a corner.  They see a crude barricade made of junk, and can hear a conversation in a strange growling language neither recognizes.  It looks like three or four small creatures are behind the barricade.  Voli and Cael attempt to be stealthy, but Voli’s heavy chainmail clinks and alerts the creatures.  Seeing that the jig is up, Voli steps out from behind the corner, drawing her sword and striding forward.  The creatures (kobolds) chittered angrily, and fling stones from slings.  Cael pulls out his shortbow.  Voli attempts to kick the barricade aside, but gets her foot caught in the rotting wood.  The kobolds attack with slings and daggers.  Cael and Voli finish off the creatures and Voli frees herself from the barricade.  

They theorize that these hostile creatures must be what has killed the rat catcher, if he is dead.  They follow the sewer path, until they reach a place they must cross.  Cael nimbly dashes across a pipe stretching across the muck, but Voli just jumps across.  As they continue forward, they take the time to talk and get to know each other.  Cael is angry about a comment Voli had made earlier, calling him a ‘lady’.  Voli apologizes and says she was trying to be witty like how he and Marchello are, because it seems like they can easily make people laugh with quips and she wants to be friends.  They continue the discussion as four very large rats slowly approach from down the tunnel.  They note the approach of the rats, but continue their heart-to-heart.

Suddenly, mid-sentence, Cael nocks and arrow and fires at one of the rats!  It hits squarely, but the rat seems more angry than hurt.  The group of rats surges forward, while Cael draws his rapier and Voli draws her longsword.  The rats are quick and hard to hit.  They bite at legs and feet, drawing lots of blood.  Voli swings her sword to chop at one’s head, and slips on the wet stone.  Her sword flies from her hand into the brown muck.  Cursing, she pulls a handaxe from her belt.  Cael attempts to skewer one on the end of his rapier, but misses.  The sword tip sinks deep into the rotten wood of the crossbridge and sticks.  Both adventurers are red-faced with embarrassment and for the first time glad that none of the others were here.  Voli manages to hack two rats to pieces with her handaxe while protecting Cael with her shield.  Cael finally unsticks his rapier and makes a fine rat-kabob.  The adventurers drink some potions, reflecting how it was kind of funny that rats were a greater threat down here than the kobolds.  Voli grits her half-orc teeth and reaches into the muck to retrieve her longsword.  She wipes it off as best she can on the dead rats, wanting to vomit and vowing to cleanse herself of any possible disease once she’s out of here.  

They continue forward, with Cael sneaking down the tunnel, motioning to Voli when he was sure things were clear.  As they round a corner, they can see a body in the water at the far end of the tunnel, but no way to easily cross to the side the body is on.  It looks like they’ll have to follow the walkway around a corner to get on the other side.  They round the corner and try to move stealthily.  Across the channel is another opening, and a sling stone barely misses Voli as they cross in front of it, ringing loudly off the walls.  They hurry across a bridge, and they are now on the same side of the channel as the opening.  Cael peers around the entrance and takes a shot at a kobold he sees hiding behind the corner.  He’s not sure if he hits.  Voli and Cael decide to check out the body first, then come back.  They dash across the entryway and make their way to the body, floating face-down in the muck.  It is indeed the rat-catcher, and they can only hope he died before landing in the sewage, as they both agree drowning in shit is probably one of the worst ways to die.  

They double back towards the offshoot entrance and move forward.  The tunnel leads to an open cavernous room.  There are at least a dozen kobolds, lined up behind barricades with weapons drawn.  They all yell in their strange draconic language.  Cael and Voli wish they had someone with them who spoke draconic.  There were too many of the creatures to take on in a face-to-face fight.  Voli tries speaking to them in orcish.  From the back of the room, sitting on a throne made of junk and surrounded by loot, a winged kobold answers in broken common.  He asks why these two have come to his place, and why they are killing his people.  Cael attempts to convince them that he is a noble from McCarr.  They don’t believe him and they don’t care.  Voli accuses them of killing the rat catcher.  The kobold king denies it, saying that the rats killed him.  Voli doesn’t quite believe it, but acknowledges that the rats were large and dangerous enough to kill a man.  The kobolds insist that he was a drunk, and a horrible rat catcher.  The argument goes on in circles for a while, with the kobolds getting more and more angry.  

Voli, not wanting to risk fighting all of these creatures, uses her paladin spell Command, and orders the kobold king to flee.  He tries to run away, but there is nowhere to go in this chamber, so he scrabbles at the wall, shrieking and crying.  Voli shouts at the others that even their great leader is afraid of the two of them, and that the rest should not attack or else be crushed.  The leader regains some of his composure and offers a compromise.  They will stay in the sewer and hunt rats themselves, and even maintain the place.  In exchange, the city dwellers would not come down there, and they should probably keep small children away from sewer entrances.  Cael notices many shiny things in the king’s loot, and insists on tribute.  Voli doesn’t really want to take their money, but Cael insists.  The kobold king gives them a box filled with goodies to make them go away faster.  

Voli and Cael make their way back to the sewer entrance without any trouble.  When reporting to the Baron, they let him know that the catcher was killed by rats, but don’t mention the kobolds.  Voli fears that she would not be able to convince the Baron of the diplomatic agreement they had made, and any mention of monsters in the sewers would have him sending down soldiers to burn them out.  They instead try to convince him that they killed all the rats they found, so there won’t be a problem again for a long while.  The Baron says he will send to The Academy for another rat catcher.  He writes a fancy letter of recommendation and sends them off on a ship.  The others are still fairly ill, and the sea voyage doesn’t help.  

They finally arrive at the Garnet Isles, and set themselves up in an inn.  They locate Maculate and get an audience with Lord Bloodstone.  They present both the letter of recommendation and the request for a rat catcher, explaining the full situation with the kobolds and suggesting a rat catcher who is amenable to the situation.  Lord Bloodstone is slightly impressed with what they’ve done so far.  He is concerned with how the first ship was both hit by a storm and attacked, and would look into it.  

He moves on to our application.  In order to be certified adventurers they must complete a task.  Once the task is complete to the satisfaction of the guild, they would move on to the ‘Equipage’.  If they fail the task, they will be reevaluated.  The group has access to the guild stores, and prices are reasonable.  They have one week to prepare for the task.

In summation, a caravan of goods meant for the guild disappeared somewhere between Ashenbow and Coral Harbor.  The team is to find out what happened, locate any survivors, and gather information that could lead to the problem being solved.  The Academy will provide some supplies, including 6 healing potions apiece, a week of rations, and a bedroll and pack if someone doesn’t already have them.  There are no kid gloves here, and the team can’t be sure what kind of trouble they will find, so it’s best to prepare for a hard fight.  Good luck!

Shipwrecked! pt.2
Session 1

Surveying their surroundings, our adventurers came to the realization that the only realistic way off the beach was through a cave in the cliff wall.  Gathering what supplies they could, the began making preparations for the journey when it Marcello noticed a highly unpleasant aroma on the beach.

Initially checking Voli, our half-orc paladin, to see if she was the source of the stench, it was realized that the smell was coming from the cavern.  Further investigation revealed noises coming from inside which were getting louder.  Preparing for the worst, our party set up an ambush at the entrance to the cavern.

Four disgusting humanoids (troglodytes) emerged from the cavern.  Putting up as good of a fight as they could against the ambush and the brighter light, they quickly fell to our brave heroes.  Seizing upon the momentum, they delved deeper into the cavern with Cael, our half-elf rogue, scouting ahead.

Within the cavern, Cael found more troglodytes attempting to lay an ambush of their own.  Through a combination of aggression and swift action, the party managed to turn the ambush in a fierce melee within the troglodyte's lair.  Cael fell to his wounds, however the party was able to stabilize him and get him back on his feet.

A search of the cave revealed a sizable amount of "salvage" from wreckage on the beach.  Rotting wood, cloth, coins, gems, and a few interesting items.  The party took what interested them and continued deeper into the cavern finding that it quickly turned into the dressed stone of a humanoid made tunnel.  Following stairs upwards, they found themselves in the basement of the Baron Hanafro.

The Baron, sensing opportunity, contracted the party to enter the sewers of his barony and find his missing rat catcher.  In return, he would provide them passage the rest of the way to the academy, and a letter of recommendation.

The session ended with Marcello attempting to learn details of the Baron's daughter, the cad.

Shipwrecked! pt.1
Session 1


Present: Voli, Cael, Kolathe, Leah, Marcello

Our intrepid adventurers, having decided upon a life of adventure, fame, daring do and, hopefully, fortune, all gathered independently in the port city of Malanith to answer the summons of Lord Bloodstone, head of the Academy of the Garnet Isles.

Lord Bloodstone was gathering adventurers for some grand quest in which the seers of the academy were predicting a threat to the region.  It was his intent to have each group of brave companions perform various tasks to contribute to the greater cause.  Much to our brave adventurers' chagrin, only certified members of the Academy could participate.  It would seem that adventuring functions were unionized under Lord Bloodstone.

Finding this out, the party gathered together with their new guide, the strange Academy representative Maculate, to gain passage to the Academy.  Their passage was to be aboard the good ship 'Froth Cutter'.  While the party was offered improved accommodations (for a fee), the bard Marcello booked the room for himself with the rest of the party accepting the free passage with berths among the sailors at the front of the ship.

Four days into the two week voyage, foul weather set in.  In their quarters to weather the storm, the alarms begin to sound with the cry of "Boarders!" rising above the cacophony of the storm.  Time had come to defend themselves.

The majority of the party, coming from the front of the ship, grabbed weapons and shields and ran to the deck to help repel the boarders.  Marcello, in his cabin in the rear of the ship, took the time to start putting his armor on.

Coming to the deck, our party discovered that the boarders were some sort of humanoids from the deep! (Sahaugin)  Wasting no time they charged into the fray with our dragonborn fighter Kolathe striking one down in a flurry of steel.

That was to be the last moment of advantage to the party as the sahaugin quickly recovered.  Smelling blood they entered a near frenzy and felled our party, one sahaugin catching Marcello still in his cabin with his pants not yet fully on.

As the last of our brave adventurers fell, lightning struck the mast of the Froth Cutter, the yard arm crashing to the deck and the vessel quickly sank below the waves.

The party came to on a beach surrounded by the sea on one side and cliffs on the other.  Wreckage from the ship had washed on shore.  As luck, and a bit of favor from the gods, would have it, the party was able to recover their equipment from the wreckage, only a little worse for wear.


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